Walls in quarantine

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ENSCHEDE – They have tried to keep it secret for a long time, but the news is finally official. The climbing wall didn’t break down: it was one of the first quarantine patients due to the coronavirus. The dies brought so many unfamiliar SAC’ers to Enschede, that the climbing wall couldn’t handle this anymore.

In the beginning, the climbing wall seemed to be quite well. It seemed like a huge hangover of some corona’s, but quite soon it appeared that the wall was infected. Still too many TSAC’ers kept hugging the holds. Even after some warning ribbons were put in front of the wall, and although Truus was free, people still tried to keep in touch. Truus got so jealous, that she got the virus herself as well. Therefore the whole sportcentrum is closed as well to isolate the walls.

Luckily, Arqué acts as a mediator right now, so there is no need to worry that Truus wants to get the climbing wall entirely out of the hall. After this period in quarantine this should end without any fights or arguments. Truus entirely refrains from commenting. The only thing she reacts to right now is her own blog: aunt Truus (publicie@tsac.alpenclub.nl).

The comments of the climbing wall will probably not come anymore. Our brave reporter was placed in quarantine after the interview. According to circumstances he is doing quite well.