The TSAC organises about 14 climbing weekends each year. During these weekends you will be climbing outside of the Netherlands, usually for 2 days. Most of the time we go to Belgium of Germany, but during longer weekends we also visit France sometimes. See the map at the bottom of this page for all the climbing areas we visit with additional information and a photo.

How to join

To go on a weekend you must have arranged a number of things. With the exception of the introduction weekend, you must be a member of the NKBV and you must also have their mountaineering insurance (this is also a continuous travel insurance). For the areas in Belgium, you also have to purchase a climbing year card.

The list of planned weekends and the option to register for them can be found in the right column under the heading Climbing weekends. Note that the dates mentioned are the days that you actually climb. We usually leave the night before.


Weekends are subsidized by the TSAC with a certain amount per day. In addition, there is a minimum personal contribution per day for the participants themselves. These amounts are determined on the JAV and can be found in the rates. The bottom line is that you pay around 30 euros for a normal two-day weekend. This includes food, transportation, equipment, accommodation, etc.

Climbing areas

As mentioned, the TSAC visits several climbing areas, mainly in Belgium and Germany. A small selection of areas we go to often:

  • Germany
    • Ith
    • Ettringen
    • Pfalz
  • Belgium
    • Hotton
    • Durnal
    • Freyr
  • France
    • FontaineBleau

For more areas, see the interactive map and the list of climbing areas.

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