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Gebruik noppenwand

We hebben inmiddels iets meer informatie al is het niet bepaald positief. De noppenwand heeft meerdere aspecten die er voor zorgen dat de wand niet aan de norm voldoet. De mogelijkheden om deze aspecten te versterken worden uitgezocht. Echter wordt het niet verwacht dat dit voor het eind van het eerste kwartaal van 2020 opgelost is en betekend dit dat de noppenwand voor een lange periode buiten gebruik is.

Verdere effecten en oplossingen worden nog besproken.

(29-12-2019 by Richard Brinkman, latest modification: 27-02-2020 by Richard Brinkman)

New Year's Climbing

To usher in the new year we are going to go climbing on the outside wall on Saturday the 4th of January 2020. We will open the wall at 5pm, participating is free! After the climbing we will organize a barbecue, so you can fill up your belly with a nice piece of meat/vegetable burger after climbing in the cold. For the barbecue we do ask a contribution. The costs will depend on the amount of people who want to join the barbecue. At most it will be 10 euros. We still need a few barbecues for the barbecue. And last but not least; there will be glühwein and hot chocolate!

Subscribe via Google Forms.

See you on the 4th of January!
Greetings from the Accie :D

(20-12-2019 by Tijmen Oliehoek, latest modification: 23-12-2019 by Richard Brinkman)

New Year's auction

Dear TSAC member,

On the 13th of January there will be another New Year’s auction. There is obviously no better way to start the new year than to buy a bunch of climbing related gear you didn't even know you wanted! The proceeds will go to TSAC and be used to organise tons of cool events in the new year. 

The activity will take place in the MBasement in the educafé (At the Starbucks). The activity will start at 19:00 by enjoying a free dinner. At 20:00 the auction will start. The auction will finish at 22:00. Afterwards we will enjoy some drinks until 23:00 at which point we will move to the Vestingbar. 

If you have anything you’d like to put up for auction, reply to this email and we will make the arrangements to have your item auctioned. You can basically put up your old climbing gear, yourself or almost literally anything else for auction. 

You’re obviously super excited by know. To sign up, just fill in the following form:

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The TSAC will throw a great party on the 7th of December to celebrate the 40th birthday of the association and the 50th birthday of Truus. Can you show us who is rocking your world? Is it David Bowie? Truus? Or do you have a secret guilty pleasure?

In addition to this, there might even be a live performance of our famous duo 'Woutor en Natosja'!

In the afternoon we'll organise 'klimmen in Twenth'. During this afternoon there'll be 'buildering' (bouldering on buildings) and it will be possible to climb our world famous concrete climbing wall.

The afternoon program is from 15:00 til 18:00 at the Sportcentrum
The Dies is from 21:00 til 4:00 in Sociëteit Asterion

The costs for both the afternoon program and the Dies are 5 euro in total.

If you want to join for only the Dies, the costs are also 5 euro.

Sign up with this Google Form

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Intro Campfire Evening

Hey everyone, we hope that you have all enjoyed the pubquiz. We certainly have. But luckily that is not the end of it. The next intro activity will take place at the campfireplace next to calslaan 11306 on Monday the 14th of October at 20:00. This will be a campfire evening with marshmallows, Beer, Not Beer, campfire songs and a lot of general "gezelligheid". We hope to see all of you there! Did I also mention that this activitity is absolutly FREE!

(03-10-2019 by Tijmen Oliehoek, latest modification: 17-10-2019 by Richard Brinkman)

Intro Pubquiz

Dear everyone, coming Monday 30 September the first intro evening will already take place! Here we hold a pub quiz for all beginners, but older members are also welcome. The pub quiz will start at 20:00 and take place in the sports canteen. Registration is not necessary. We hope to see you there!


(25-09-2019 by Tijmen Oliehoek, latest modification: 29-09-2019 by Marten Voorberg)

TSAC Sport Climbing Championship

Update: The championship has been cancelled.

(09-09-2019 by Marten Voorberg, latest modification: 29-09-2019 by Richard Brinkman)


On Saturday, the 23rd of November, the National Student Championship Boulder is taking place. The USAC is organising the championship this year and it will take place in boulderingym Sterk in Utrecht. Even though there are many great climbers from all over the Netherlands that are competing, you do not need to be the next world cup champion to participate; the competition is fun for people of all skill levels. More information and sign-ups can be found on Facebook en op de NSKB Website.

(06-09-2019 by Marten Voorberg, latest modification: 18-10-2019 by Jan van den Berg)

Open Evenings September

Have you always wanted to try climbing? Or have you known for a while that you want to become a TSAC member? Then this is your oppurtunity.

Soon there will be open evenings at the TSAC. They will be on the 10th, 12th, 17th and 19th of September from 21:00 to 23:00. They will take place in the UT sport centre in hall 3. Everything is completely free and any necessary equipment will be provided by us.

During the evening there will ofcourse be the opportunity to climb as much as you like. Besides the climbing there will be a short presentation giving some information about TSAC. Afterwards you can come have a drink with us in the sports canteen.

So in short, if you love climbing or think you will love it, these are the times you should sign up for TSAC. These open evenings are also the only times you can sign up and the next open evenings after these will be in February.

We hope to see you then!

When? 10, 12, 17 and 19 September
What time? From 21:00 until 23:00
Where? Sportcentre of the UT in hall 3
For whom? Everyone


(27-08-2019 by Marten Voorberg, latest modification: 26-09-2019 by Richard Brinkman)

View / edit personal data

Due to the GDPR legislation, it's now made easier to view and edit your personal data. On your personal dashboard you see an overview of your most important personal data. Clicking further you will see all your personal data. You have the possibility to change the data yourself. To prevent misuse, the changes will be moderated first by the secretary, who will get an e-mail as soon as there is something to moderate.

Additionally, you can now make changes in the future. If you want to end your membership per 1st of january, or you want to change your address at the moment you come back from an internship, then you can already propose such a change. The website will keep track of all those future changes and perform them on the date you specify. These future modification also needs to be moderated by the secretary. Once he has done that, you see a checkmark in front of the modification on your dashboard.

(14-07-2019 by Richard Brinkman)

Surprise drink

Dear members, surprisingly, not one but two drinks are planned after the holidays. The last of these wonderful magic events is the surprise drink. What a surprise! This will take place on November 4 on 20:00, so keep it free in your agenda. The location is campuslaan 57. it will be super fun so be there


(03-07-2019 by Richard Brinkman, latest modification: 31-10-2019 by Tijmen Oliehoek)

Drink of the pirates

The start of the college year well, we will begin with an awesome drink!

Make it late as a pirate, it rhymes in Dutch which makes it sound kind of English..not so much. But what will be fun is this pirate drink! There will be beer pong, rum and more.. Parrots and monkeys are allowed, to prevent drunk accidents please leave you weapons at home and it won't be necessary to smuggle alcoholic drinks inside. For this part, we specifically designed this Google Form. Sign-up for the drink through this form and it will help the pirates from the AcCie to know how many ships they have to plunder to get enough beer and rum. We hope to see you on the 6th of September at 21:00!

Arr arrr TSAC mateys,

The AcCie

Where: Jupiterstraat 6A, Enschede
When; Friday the 6th of September
Starts at: 21:00
Dresscode: Pirate, we'll keelhaul you if you don't!

(02-07-2019 by Richard Brinkman, latest modification: 03-07-2019 by Richard Brinkman)

Alpine Basecamp

Herby the latest information regarding the ABK. This is a week where we'll be camping in the Alps whilst doing epic things. TSAC has arranged a camping but nothing more. This means you need to bring your own stuff. There also wont be any instruction. Please take these things into consideration.

The ABK will be from the 27th of July until the 4th of August. We will stay at camping solden, in Otztal, Austria. We have reserved 4 fields of 70 square meters. The costs of the field will be paid proportionally amongst all participants. You can check in at the camping during the entire week and you will be expected to pay individually. The TSAC has a budget of 300 euros, this money will be used to pay the fields of the camping.

Coincedentally the GSAC will also be staying on the same camping at the same time.

If you want to start planning your tours, I recommend the following sites: Bergsteigen, Summitpost and Climbers Paradise.

(28-06-2019 by Marten Voorberg)

Outside wall

This evening we are going to climb on the outside wall instead of the subtropical sportcentre.

(18-06-2019 by Richard Brinkman)

Summer reservation equipment

The summer holiday is approaching, meaning that many of you are planning their summer courses or climbing trips. Some of you might need some extra equipment and would like to borrow it from the association. To regulate this and to make sure everyone is able to borrow what they need, we request you to do the following: (in case you would like to borrow something)

After the 12th of June the FacCie will check the reservations and devide the equipment as correct as possible. For this, we planned two evenings on which you can pick-up the equipment. These are the evenings of the 2nd and 4th0 of July. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Kind regards, The FacCie

(28-05-2019 by Richard Brinkman, latest modification: 20-06-2019 by Richard Brinkman)

Uitwisseling Kronos

Op 11 en 12 juni gaat er een epische uitwisseling plaatsvinden tussen de TSAC en atletiekvereniging Kronos. Op woensdag 12 juni komen zij gezellig met ons klimmen op de buitenwand en op donderdag 11 juni gaan wij bij hen een training meemaken.

Dit is het perfecte moment om je conditie nog even aan te scherpen voor de zomer en dat atletiek bestaat uit veel leukere dingen dan simpelweg rondjes rennen. Als je er dinsdag niet bij kunt zijn, kun je alsnog lekker komen klimmen op de buitenwand op woensdag.

Gelieve je op te geven met deze link.

(25-05-2019 by Marten Voorberg, latest modification: 20-06-2019 by Richard Brinkman)


On the fifth of June there will be the one and only Barteamparty. To reward all barteam members for their efforts the sportcantine will hold a party with free drinks and snacks. You may only join if you did a barshift this or last year. If you have not  done any barshifts yet you can still sign up for one and join the party. It's gonna be great so sign up quickly!!!

(20-05-2019 by Tijmen Oliehoek, latest modification: 20-05-2019 by Richard Brinkman)


Beste alpinist, aspirant-alpinist, sportklimmer of boulderaar,

We zijn allemaal bezig met de laatste weekjes het collegejaar te overleven. We kijken allemaal uit naar de zomer en dan vooral naar het Alpien Basis Kamp. Voor de mensen die dit epische spektakel nog niet hebben meegemaakt, zal ik het kort uitleggen. We gaan week lang kamperen in de Otztal, Oostenrijk en vanaf daar epische alpiene tochten maken, schittermagische sportklimroutes trotseren en misschien zelfs een bouldertje of twee toetakelen.

Om hiervoor in de stemming te komen is er volgende week woensdag(22 mei) de Pre-ABK BBQ! We gaan dan lekker barbequen terwijl we sterke verhalen over afgelopen jaren uitwisselen en optimistische plannen voor aankomende zomer delen.

De BBQ duurt van 18:00 tot 22:00 en zal traditiegewijs plaatsvinden op het ABK veldje naast de hockeyvelden.

Natuurlijk ben jij hierbij! Je hoeft slechts het Google form in te vullen.

(15-05-2019 by Marten Voorberg, latest modification: 15-05-2019 by Richard Brinkman)

Boulder Club Championship

Hello Enthusiastic climbers. It is that time again; the one and only TSAC boulder club championships. All TSAC members are invited, including outside members. There will also be a men's and women's category so everyone has a chance to win !!! Do YOU want to win one of the wonderful magical prizes by climbing better than your fellow boulderers? Register quickly... (Registration list will follow). The date of this wonderful event will be the 13th of May. It will start around 19:00 and will take place in the CUBE !!! Registration costs are the same as the entrance fee. Make sure you're there!!!!

(28-04-2019 by Tijmen Oliehoek, latest modification: 26-05-2019 by Richard Brinkman)

Climbing games evening


The 28th of May the AcCie organizes a climbing games evening. Here we are going to play fun games while climbing so make sure you can attend this evening! Participating is absolutely absolutely free, registration is also not necessary. Be there or be square!!!!

(11-04-2019 by Tijmen Oliehoek, latest modification: 26-05-2019 by Richard Brinkman)


Filpavond posterOp 10 april organiseert de accie een filmavond in de VB om 20:00-23:30. Hiebij gaan we de The Dawn Wall kijken. Het word sowieso super gezellig dus sleep al je TSAC klimmaatjes mee om er met z’n allen een mooie avond van te maken. En om het allemaal nog mooier te maken wacht er die avond ook nog een verrassing.

Liefs de accie

(25-03-2019 by Richard Brinkman)

Picasa foto's

Google is al jaren bezig om zijn fotodienst Picasa te ontmantelen. Het begon met het stopzetten van de desktop applicatie Picasa. Later volgden ook de picasaweb website en de Picasa API. Op 2 april zet Google de laatste stap. De foto's die nog in de archieven terug te vinden waren, worden dan namelijk verwijderd.

Dit betekent concreet dat op de TSAC site geen oude klimfoto's meer te vinden zullen zijn. Al enige tijd werden de foto's zelf niet meer vertoond omdat de API offline gehaald was, maar werkten de linkjes naar het archief nog wel. Mocht je nog oude klimfoto's willen downloaden door die archieven te bezoeken, doe dit dan voor 2 april.

Voor recentere foto's werd al jaren Flickr gebruikt. Deze functionaliteit blijft gewoon werken.

(20-03-2019 by Richard Brinkman)


This year TSAC, Messed Up, D.B.V. Diok, S.D.V. Chassé, Phoenix, D.S.S.V. Tartaros and S.K.V. Vakgericht are organising a gala in disco style. So put on your most fanciest clothes and come to show us your Friday Night Fever moves!

The gala will be on the 3rd of May 2019, at the Jaargetijden. It will last from 9 PM till 1 AM. The price will be around 30 euros, but the exact price will be determined later. This includes unlimited drinks.

Don’t you have a date? On the 23rd of April, we will organize a "Find-Your-Date-pubquiz". During this pubquiz you get the opportunity to get to know people from the various associations and to find someone you can take with you to the gala. Also if you already have a date, you are welcome to join the pubquiz.


(11-03-2019 by Marten Voorberg, latest modification: 26-05-2019 by Richard Brinkman)

Glow in the dark Climbing

Glow In The Dark themed zaalavond: this Wednesday, 13th of March! From 9pm till 11pm

Do you barely need your eyes anymore to climb routes? Or have you always wanted to climb in a dark cave? Then we have just the thing for you. Next week wednesday the zaal will be transformed with a Glow In The Dark theme! There will be blacklights, some holds will be illuminated and more climbing is more better. So be there!

To shine bright put on some white! (Neon colored clothing works too).

(11-03-2019 by Tijmen Oliehoek, latest modification: 26-05-2019 by Richard Brinkman)

Open Avonden Februari

Heb jij altijd al een keertje willen klimmen? Of weet je allang dat je lid wilt worden van de TSAC? Dan is dit je kans!

Er zijn binnenkort weer open avonden bij de TSAC. Deze zullen plaats vinden op dinsdag 5, donderdag 7, dinsdag 12 en donderdag 14 februari van 21:00 tot 23:00. De locatie is zaal 2 van het sportcentrum op de campus van de UT. Toegang is helemaal gratis en je hoeft ook geen spullen mee te nemen. Alles wordt door ons geregeld en iedereen is welkom.

Tijdens de open avond is er natuurlijk de mogelijkheid om lekker veel te klimmen. Daarnaast is er ook nog een korte presentatie met informatie over de TSAC. Achteraf gaan wij nog gezellig met z'n allen naborrelen in de sportkantine.

Als je het klimmen helemaal fantastisch vindt zijn deze avonden ook het moment om je in te schrijven. Open avonden zijn namelijk de enige tijd dat je lid van de TSAC kunt worden en de volgende open avonden zijn pas in september.

Wij hopen dat jij erbij bent!

Wanneer? 5, 7, 12 en 14 februari
Hoelaat? Van 21:00 tot 23:00
Waar? Sportcentrum op de UT in zaal 2
Voor wie? Iedereen

(22-01-2019 by Marten Voorberg)