open the sticker map

the sticker icon

How do I edit the sticker map?

To edit the map you are required to login with a Google account. Click on the link below the map to open the map. Then click Edit.

This movie demonstrates how to place a marker, how to change the icon to use for the marker, and how to add a description and/or photo and/or movie.

Tip: use the TSAC-sticker icon instead of the default marker. In the screen that appears after placing a new marker on the map an icon is displayed at the top-right corner. Clicking this icon allows you to select a different icon to use as a marker. You will find the TSAC icon under My icons If not, you can add the TSAC sticker icon by copying the location of the icon above in the textbox that appears after clicking on Add an icon (see the movie linked previously if you don't understand this).