Board 2023: 'Sky above, earth below'

F.L.T.R: Sijmon, Dylan, Davey, Vera, Lotte, Meike, Saro

Chairman - Sijmon Knol

My dear Climbing/outdoor fanatics, 

I am Sijmon and I am the Chairman of the 44th board of TSAC. I have been climbing for one and a half years now. I started at Cube and by now have gotten into outdoor climbing as well. 

I am looking forward to go climbing with you all and see you all at the fun activities that TSAC hosts. 

See you guys soon.

Vice-chairman - Lotte Wollring

Hi, I am Lotte Wollring and I am the vice chairman of the 44th board of the TSAC. 

I have practiced the beautiful sport of climbing for a little more than 8 years now. By joining TSAC I got the chance to get out of the dusty gym and experience the beauties of outdoor climbing and even alpinism. 

I'm looking forward to a board year full of new experiences and challenges, and give a bit back to what this association has given me.

Secretary - Dylan Bruggeman

Hi all, I am Dylan Bruggeman, and I am the secretary for the 44th board of TSAC. 

I have been climbing for the past two and a half years and have found it to be really enjoying. Moreover am I also very interested in aerospace and technology, and am currently studying mechatronics. This is something I want to continue in. 

I am very excited and am looking forward to the board year ahead and to go climbing with all of you.

Treasurer - Saro Scafidi

Hi, I am Saro Scafidi and I am happy to be the treasurer of the 44th board of TSAC. 

I started climbing around two years ago. My hobbies besides climbing are scouting, where I am a leader of 25 scouts, diving and playing the accordion, If you are at the green pyramids around 18:00 you might hear it :).

This year I am looking forward to a wealthy and exiting year!

Weekend Commissioner - Davey Tiebosch

Hi, I'm Davey, the new Weekend Commissioner. 

I study Industrial Design Engineering and I started sport climbing at TSAC last year. I've been bouldering for a year longer than that. So I can regularly be found in the cube or the hall evening. 

I hope to see you at one of the cool activities this year! Cheers

Internal affairs - Meike Versteeg

Hi, my name is Meike and next year I will be internal affairs of board 44 :) 

Until one year ago, I played Korfbal fanatically. But I also loved going to an indoor hall to climb, however we only did it rarely. So I've really started climbing about 1.5 year ago and now I just love it! 

I hope to learn much more about climbing in the years to come and I hope to have an amazing year as a board member, with the rest of the board and the association!

Course Commissioner - Vera Koning

Hi, my name is Vera and I'm the course commissioner. 

I'm passionate about everything that includes mountains and I've been climbing, hiking, cycling and skiing in the mountains my whole life. It's where I'm happiest! To chase this happiness as much as possible in our flat country, I'm very happy to be a member of TSAC. 

I hope that I can contribute to making TSAC even more fun the coming year!

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