The Oferall

What does the Oferall do?

The Oferall committee works on obtaining extra income for the association to keep the costs for weekend trips and lectures low. We do this mainly by organising stunts such as abseiling during the introduction in Hengelo or toggling from Horst at the Pentarace. Companies and organisations often ask us to help them organise certain things they can’t do by themselves such as raising a flag at the top of a building or organising an abseiling activity as part of their company outing.

Annual events

Oferall has built up a good reputation by now and is always invited to the following activities.


Oferall does so much more, because money can be acquired in many ways. Of€rall maintains good contacts with the business community and sponsors and is in charge of work actions. The bar team also falls under the Oferall.

Who is the Oferall?

Oferall currently consists of six people:


Do you want to help organise stunts, reinforce the bar team or do you have a good idea for a stunt? Send an e-mail to

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