Twentse Studenten Alpen Club

Welcome to the website of the Twentse Student Alpine Club, aka the TSAC. The TSAC is the only climbing- and alpinists club for students on the University of Twente.

On this site you will find information about our club, becoming a member, activities and training and education. Furthermore, you will find the latest news about the TSAC and NSAC. If you have any questions about the TSAC for which you cannot find the answer on the website, please contact the board.

Current TSAC news

Summer reservation equipment

The summer holiday is approaching, meaning that many of you are planning their summer courses or climbing trips. Some of you might need some extra equipment and would like to borrow it from the association. To regulate this and to make sure everyone is able to borrow what they need, we request you to do the following: (in case you would like to borrow something)

After the 12th of June the FacCie will check the reservations and devide the equipment as correct as possible. For this, we planned two evenings on which you can pick-up the equipment. These are the evenings of the 2nd and 4th0 of July. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Kind regards, The FacCie

(28-05-2019 by Richard Brinkman, latest modification: 06-06-2019 by Richard Brinkman)

Uitwisseling Kronos

Op 11 en 12 juni gaat er een epische uitwisseling plaatsvinden tussen de TSAC en atletiekvereniging Kronos. Op woensdag 12 juni komen zij gezellig met ons klimmen op de buitenwand en op donderdag 11 juni gaan wij bij hen een training meemaken.

Dit is het perfecte moment om je conditie nog even aan te scherpen voor de zomer en dat atletiek bestaat uit veel leukere dingen dan simpelweg rondjes rennen. Als je er dinsdag niet bij kunt zijn, kun je alsnog lekker komen klimmen op de buitenwand op woensdag.

Gelieve je op te geven met deze link.

(25-05-2019 by Marten Voorberg)