Twentse Studenten Alpen Club

Welcome to the website of the Twentse Student Alpine Club, aka the TSAC. The TSAC is the only climbing- and alpinists club for students on the University of Twente.

On this site you will find information about our club, becoming a member, activities and training and education. Furthermore, you will find the latest news about the TSAC and NSAC. If you have any questions about the TSAC for which you cannot find the answer on the website, please contact the board.

Current TSAC news

TSAC dies 2021

Start blowing up the balloons, because the TSAC's birthday is coming up! Unfortunately we can't have a big party this year, but no worries, as an alternative we are organising an epic birthday activity for all members! On Saturday the 18th of December from 14:00 till 16:00 we will be going to bounce valley, the biggest airpark in the Netherlands. The awesome activity will cost a maximum of €5,-. Do you not want to miss this epic activity? Sign up now! Het sign-up form will be sent via Whatsapp and email.
You have till the 10th of december to sign up.


  • To come along you need a valid corona entry pass, so a QR-code
  • Keeping 1,5 meters distance and wearing a mouth mask are obligatory
  • Don't come if you have symptoms
  • Please do a self test beforehand

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New coronameasures

Hi everyone,

As everybody knows the corona regulations have sharpened again which means no (sport)activities after 17:00. This means we can not climb on our climbing walls in the sportscentre within the regular times anymore. Therefore all hall evenings (zaalavonden), courses and training are CANCELLED.

What you can do, if you don't want to sit still completely, is pick up the keys at the front desk of the sportscentre for the spray(/boulder) wall in SC2 (key 102) during the day and make up your own workout and boulders! Note: you need to be with at least two persons, only TSAC members can use this wall and your corona pass/QR code will be checked.

We are looking into other options so we can train on other times. We'll keep you updated.

Stay safe and strong. Hope to see you soon again.

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Zaalwachten on Thursday

Starting next week, there will also be a zaalwacht every Thursday at the zaalavond! So every Monday and Thursday everyone (with toprope) is welcome to climb in SC3 from 21:00 to 23:00. On Wednesdays we also have the hall, but there is no zaalwacht, so only everyone with IV or higher can climb. I hope to see you all soon at a zaalavond!

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TSAC SCK [Cancelled]

This activity is rescheduled to another time because of corona

It's finally happening; Saturday the 11th of December from 18:00, the TSAC sports climbing club championship (SCK) will take place! Everyone is welcome and everyone has a chance of winning. The routesetters provide three qualifying routes and a final route for each category.
This competition will take place in Arqué. Afterwards there is of course also a drink in the canteen of Arqué.

Enroll now via

Love, the AcCie and the Routesetters

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Working group on material regulations

Hi all,

At the last HAV it was decided to set up a working group to review the material rules and borrow policy. This with the reason that the most recent document on the subject was from 2010, so the way things are going now is not fixed anywhere. There are also some points that need to be considered, such as the role of the faccie in making decisions about what to buy, as this concerns a large part of the assets of TSAC and about how the summer lending can possibly be improved.

Please send a comment to this email if you would like to participate in this working group. This way you can help us create a new rulebook which will help us a lot. No need to have any status for this, everyone is welcome! If you do not want to join the working group but you do want to say something about this you can always send me an email.

Kind regards!

Marije Linders

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