Twentse Studenten Alpen Club

Welcome to the website of the Twentse Student Alpine Club, aka the TSAC. The TSAC is the only climbing- and alpinists club for students on the University of Twente.

On this site you will find information about our club, becoming a member, activities and training and education. Furthermore, you will find the latest news about the TSAC and NSAC. If you have any questions about the TSAC for which you cannot find the answer on the website, please contact the board.

Current TSAC news

View / edit personal data

Due to the GDPR legislation, it's now made easier to view and edit your personal data. On your personal dashboard you see an overview of your most important personal data. Clicking further you will see all your personal data. You have the possibility to change the data yourself. To prevent misuse, the changes will be moderated first by the secretary, who will get an e-mail as soon as there is something to moderate.

Additionally, you can now make changes in the future. If you want to end your membership per 1st of january, or you want to change your address at the moment you come back from an internship, then you can already propose such a change. The website will keep track of all those future changes and perform them on the date you specify. These future modification also needs to be moderated by the secretary. Once he has done that, you see a checkmark in front of the modification on your dashboard.

(14-07-2019 by Richard Brinkman)

Surprise drink

Dear members, surprisingly, not one but two drinks are planned after the holidays. The last of these wonderful magic events is the surprise drink. What a surprise! This will take place on November 4, so keep it free in your agenda. The location is still a surprise, but it will be super fun anyway.

(03-07-2019 by Richard Brinkman)

Drink of the pirates

The start of the college year well, we will begin with an awesome drink!

Make it late as a pirate, it rhymes in Dutch which makes it sound kind of English..not so much. But what will be fun is this pirate drink! There will be beer pong, rum and more.. Parrots and monkeys are allowed, to prevent drunk accidents please leave you weapons at home and it won't be necessary to smuggle alcoholic drinks inside. For this part, we specifically designed this Google Form. Sign-up for the drink through this form and it will help the pirates from the AcCie to know how many ships they have to plunder to get enough beer and rum. We hope to see you on the 6th of September at 21:00!

Arr arrr TSAC mateys,

The AcCie

Where: Jupiterstraat 6A, Enschede
When; Friday the 6th of September
Starts at: 21:00
Dresscode: Pirate, we'll keelhaul you if you don't!

(02-07-2019 by Richard Brinkman, latest modification: 03-07-2019 by Richard Brinkman)