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Welcome to the website of the Twentse Student Alpine Club, aka the TSAC. The TSAC is the only climbing- and alpinists club for students on the University of Twente.

On this site you will find information about our club, becoming a member, activities and training and education. Furthermore, you will find the latest news about the TSAC and NSAC. If you have any questions about the TSAC for which you cannot find the answer on the website, please contact the board.

Current TSAC news

We can climb again!!!

Dear TSAC member,

Because the easing of the corona measures, we can (finally!) start climbing on our outdoor facilities again. The sports centre has granted us timeslots in which we can have corona-proof training on the outdoor bouldering wall. Because there is a maximum of 14 people per training and we can only train in set groups, it is important that we know when everybody wants to train. Therefore, please fill out the form in the email before wednesday the 3rd of March 11:00h. Based on your availability you will be assigned a training group and time. Then, you can register for your training group via the spreadsheet in the email

Besides technique training on the outside bouldering wall, the outside climbing wall will open as well. The wall will open in the evenings and on weekends. You can enroll via the aforementioned spreadsheet starting wednesday 14:00. Please be aware that you can only enroll if you have IV, when you have IT you can only enroll if there are 2 IV climbers and a wandwacht present. We also have permission to use the climbing wall on the day during weekdays.

Although it is wonderful that we can climb again, it is important that everyone abides by the corona rules. Please read the corona protocol attached to the email before you go climbing.

We hope to see you soon at a training or on the outside wall! 

Board 42

Link to the "Climbing during corona" page (where you can also find a link to the sheet to sign up for trainings and the outside wall).

(01-03-2021 by Stijn Bonekamp, latest modification: 23-03-2021 by Stijn Bonekamp)