De AcCie

What does the AcCie do?

We organise nice activities for TSAC members. For example, we organise drinks such as the beginnersdrink or drinks with a theme. Furthermore we organise theme evenings in the climbing hall and some other activities.

We organise annually:

If you have any good ideas for the TSAC you are welcome to organise something else as well.

The AcCie’s activities keep the TSAC lively. The climbing matches and competitions make climbing into a seriously competitive sport, something most members enjoy. The drinks are purely held for social reasons but they are always good fun!

How does the AcCie organise things?

We have a meeting approximately once a month. First we have supper together and then we will discuss matters. To start, we review last month’s activities and then discuss the next month’s upcoming activities. Most activities are organised by one to three people; they will give updates on how things are going and what still has to be done. Other members can ask questions and give advice. Activities in the not so near future are also planned and tasks are divided.

Who are the AcCie members?

The AcCie committee usually consists of six to eight members. There are various functions within AcCie;

The AcCie currently consists of:

Interested in the AcCie?

The AcCie is a committee you can join even without any experience in the TSAC. You determine how much time you spend on AcCie. If you have more time on your hands, you can get more involved. If you want to become a member you can start right away. If you prefer to see how things are done first, you could help organise an activity together with an AcCie member in order to get a better picture. If you like the experience, you can join AcCie. If it’s not your cup of tea you are under no obligation to join. If you want any more information or if you are interested, please send an email to