Terms and conditions

This page contains the loan conditions for borrowing climbing material from the TSAC. In order to borrow or make a reservation for climbing material you have to agree to these conditions. No rights can be derived from these conditions and the use of the material system.

Equipment reservation system

The online equipment reservation system is used by the FacCie to manage the inventory of the TSAC. Via this system members can put in a request for material, a record is held for all requested and borrowed items.


All members from TSAC are allowed to borrow climbing material. In order to borrow climbing material the items have to be requested via the online material system. However, not all (climbing) materials are available for borrowing, some are only allowed for internal use by the association or require a certain climbing status.

The following materials are never loaned:

The following materials require a certain climbing level:

Type of material climbing level
* Material is available for C-courses and can only be used for the course, not for any recreational use
** Trad material is only available when in training to become a Trad climber, if in bolted terrain or when supervised by a SKI3-OV.
Single ropes x x x x x x
Half ropes - x x x x x
Alpine ropes - - - x x x
Trad material - x** x x x x

Making a reservation

If you want to borrow climbing material from the TSAC you can make a reservation via the material system. Once you've made a reservation you will receive a conformation by email; however it doesn't necessarily mean you will be lend the material you have requested. The FacCie always has the right to deny or modify the request.

Reason of usage

When making a reservation you have to specify a reason of usage. You can choose from the following:

The reason of usage and the reservation date will be taken into account when materials need to be distributed because of multiple reservations.

Collecting and returning material

Collecting and returning materials should be done on the regular climbing evenings. The FacCie will make sure somebody is present to lend you the materials. If you aren't able to collect or return the material during the regular evenings you can contact the FacCie and make an appointment. It is also possible to borrow materials on a regular evening without first having made a reservation, simply ask somebody of the FacCie or the board if they are present. They will check if the material is available and not reserved for someone else and will register your ticket in the system.

When having collected or returned material, the borrower will receive an email which specifies what material was collected or return and if the borrower has any other material they still need to return.

If the material is not return two weeks after the specified date a fine will be calculated of €1 per week. If the material hasn't been returned after 3 months the material will be considerd lost and the borrower will be fined with the replacement costs.

Third parties collecting or returning material

Letting a third party collect or return material or transfering material to a third party, if a member of TSAC, is allowed. However, at all times the FacCie has to be notified in advance. In case of lost or damaged materials the person on who's name the material is registered remains responsible. So transfering of materials to other members or letting them collect/return your materials is done on your own risk!

Recalling materials

The FacCie retains the right to recall borrowed materials for association activities or courses at all times. The borrower then needs to return the materials within 2 week or before a set date by the FacCie. If the borrower is unable to return the material in time they will have to contact the FacCie.

Damage or loss

If materials are damaged or lost this has to be reported to the FacCie. The FacCie will replace the materials and the replacement costs will then be fined to the borrower.

Excluded from borrowing material

If a member has outstanding fines he cannot borrow new material. In the event of regular non-compliance with agreements, non-timely return of materials or careless use of materials, the FacCie may decide to no longer lend material to a specific member. If this is the case, this will be communicated from the FacCie.


The FacCie reserves the right to change the loan conditions at any time without written notice.