What do we do?

As you might have guessed, the trainings and courses committee (in Dutch "Trainingen eN Opleidingen" or TNO) organizes the trainings and courses.

The trainings

The Technique 1 training starts at the beginning of every semester. All new members will be notified of the start of this training. Next step is the Technique 2 training, followed by "Wikkel" (wanna be "bikkel") and "Bikkel" (tough guy/gal). All trainings usually take place on the boulder wall, for more information see the trainings page.

The courses

After joining TSAC you will be informed about the Toprope course, which is manditory for all new members. For other courses you will be invited by e-mail to subscribe at the course schedule. For more information on all the different courses, go to the education page.

Who are we?

The TNO currently consists of:

The board contact is:


Would you like to learn more about the course system of the TSAC or want to help organize trainings and courses? Send an e-mail to or talk to us in the hall.