Becoming a member

There are two possibilities to become a member of the TSAC every year. Immediately after the Kick-In, there are four open evenings and in February there are four open evenings as well. Everyone who is interested can come and climb during these evenings in SC 3 and there will be membership forms. The only exception to the fact that there are two possibilities to become a member is if you have already passed your KVB-IT. In this case you can become a member at any time during the year.

The open days are held after the Kick In in SC3 of the sport center and you can simply walk in without having to register. The exact dates will follow, keep an eye on this website or Instagram!

The membership of the TSAC will cost 30 euros every year and for "buitenleden" (no UT or Saxion students) 40 euros every year. Furthermore, you pay 30 euros as an entrance fee. To become a member of a sport association on the UT, you should also have a UnionCard. Other prices can be found on the prices list.


If you are a UT student and you want to buy a UnionCard, you have to visit . After you signed in you click on the button "What's on offer" and then you follow the steps to payment. The UnionCard will be placed on you studentcard.

Saxion studenten can buy a UnionCard at the student counter in the main building. 


When you become a member, you will immediately get a course to belay. Afterwards you can climb in the hall. Take a look at the education page for extra information.


The TSAC has an elaborate climrelated literature. You can find topo's, books and magazines here. Every TSAC member can borrow this for free, so take a look at this.

Equipment lending system

The TSAC owns a lot of climbing material which members can borrow for free when they go on a climbing holiday or climbing weekend. You can borrow helmets, quickdraws, carabiners, but also ice tools and pickels.

Weekend subsidy

The TSAC organises approximately 14 climbing weekends every year, at which everyone can join to climb. At this weekends TSAC members will get a discount in the form of weekend subsidy. This become 15 euros every climbing day!


If you don't want to be a meber of the TSAC anymore, you should unsubscribe before the 1st of December of the current calendar year, otherwise you will pay contribution of the next year. You can unsubscribe by sending an email to

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