In order to keep the TSAC running a governing board is necessary; many activities however are executed or organised by one of the committees. They form an important part of the TSAC’s organisation and the committee members are rewarded during the JAV (Annual General Assembly) with the committee match. Apart from that it’s a lot of fun to support the TSAC.


Organises all the TSAC’s activities such as drinks, club championships and the committee match.
Ensures that members can enjoy delicious meals and cakes at special occasions.
Manages the TSAC’s facilities such as the walls and equipment.
Publishes new parts on the site, so everyone can enjoy nice activities and more.
Takes care of the hoisting action, for example for business trips and everything concerning stunts such as the annual “Pietenactie” in Enschede.
Takes care of all trainings and courses within the TSAC.
Takes care of the communication between (w)instructors, board, NKBV and committees and is the number one if it comes down to safety issues and education of instructors.


Apart from the committees, there also exists workgroups at the TSAC. These workgroups are only temporaly. Examples of workgroups are:

Long-term-vision committee
Writes a version for the long term.
Enschede-Ith workgroup
In the past, this workgroup organised annually the cycling match Enschede-Ith. This parcours is 280 km long and meant for all SAC'ers in the Netherlands. The finish of the race is in the Ith, a climbing area in Germany.

Helping out

Do you want to help organise a drink or help brainstorm about the TSAC’s training and course programs? If so contact one of the committees. You will find contact information on the respective committee page of the committee or you can talk to one of the members.

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